Don't Borrow Trouble® is a national anti-predatory lending campaign that combines education and empowerment, teaching consumers to protect their homes and finances.

Consumers face many difficult financial decisions when it comes to purchasing or maintaining a home. With the proliferation of so many financial products – from purchase and refinance loans to second liens and home equity loans — it’s no wonder consumers find it challenging to make the right choices. Sometimes, mortgage offers that seem too good to be true contain hidden fees and unfair terms that can ultimately cause borrowers to lose their homes.

The goal of Don’t Borrow Trouble is to teach consumers how to identify the signs of deceptive or predatory lending, and then protect themselves and their homes against it.

Through local Don't Borrow Trouble campaigns, consumers have a reliable source of information, guidance, and support in their own communities.  Each campaign uses a variety of promotional tactics to reach consumers and provides a toll-free number that consumers can call for assistance.

Don't Borrow Trouble was pioneered in Boston by Mayor Thomas M. Menino and the Massachusetts Community and Banking Council in 1999.  Freddie Mac has expanded the campaign to communities nationwide.